China's C919 aircraft marks first anniversary of commercial flights


On May 28 last year (2023), China's self-developed large passenger aircraft C919, successfully completed its first commercial passenger flight, and it has been in commercial operation for a full year up to now.

During this year (2024), the C919 has brought new travelling experiences to passengers, and what are the achievements worth noting?

C919 safely operated for more than 6,000 hours

On May 28, 2023, C919 conducted its first commercial passenger flight worldwide, successfully flying from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Beijing Capital Airport. (Image Source: Getty)

C919 has been in commercial operation for a full year and has initially achieved success in commercial operations.

The data released by China Eastern Airlines shows that, over the past year, C919 aircraft have conducted over 2,100 flights and safely operated for more than 6,000 hours, with an average passenger load factor close to 80%, surpassing other models on the same route.

During the past year, C919 aircraft has regularly operated on three routes: Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to Beijing Daxing International Airport, and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport.

On January 26 of this year, C919 aircraft served the Spring Festival travel rush for the first time, carrying 111 passengers and executing the first Spring Festival flight MU9197 from Shanghai to Chengdu.

Subsequently, on February 20, C919 made its overseas debut at the Singapore Airshow, demonstrating China's achievements in the development of commercial aircraft to the public through various means such as flight performances.

On February 20, 2023, C919 made its overseas exhibition debut at the largest scale Singapore Airshow in Asia. (Image Source: VCG)

China Eastern Airlines delivered its sixth C919 aircraft

As the C919 marks its first anniversary of commercial operation, the sixth C919 aircraft officially joined the fleet of China Eastern Airlines, with the registration number B-919G.

This was the first delivery of 100 C919 aircraft that China Eastern Airlines, the first global customer of the single-aisle jetliner, ordered last year. 

On May 27, China Eastern Airlines officially received the first of the additional 100 C919 aircraft in Shanghai. The aircraft is numbered B-919G. (Image Source: VCG)

It is expected that by the end of 2024, China Eastern Airlines' C919 fleet will reach 10 aircraft, which will mainly serve the airline's main base markets and important business and tourism trunk markets.

In addition, Air China and China Southern Airlines have also each placed additional orders for 100 C919 aircraft. At present, the global orders for C919 have exceeded 1,000 aircraft.

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C919's first commercial flight outside Mainland China

On June 1, China Eastern Airlines will operate a charter flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong, carrying university students from Hong Kong to participate in an exchange programme, which will mark the C919's first commercial flight outside Mainland China.

In December of last year, two homegrown passenger aircraft —— C919 and ARJ21 visited Hong Kong for the first time.

They were displayed at Hong Kong International Airport for 3 days, and performed a flight over Victoria Harbour.

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