CNY1 Offer! Round-trip ferry tickets from SZIA to HKIA for sale

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Shenzhen Airport Terminal launches a promotional offer to purchase ferry tickets to and from Hong Kong Airport Terminal for just 1 CNY. You can experience a seamless transition from Shenzhen Airport directly to Hong Kong Airport in a more efficiency way.

Purchase CNY1 ferry tickets

From March 1, 2024 to March 31, during this period, the ferry ticket from Shenzhen Airport Terminal to SkyPier at Hong Kong airport is only 1 CNY, with a journey time of just 50 minutes.

After arrival in Hong Kong, passengers do not have to go through immigration, they can directly enter the control area of Hong Kong airport, pass the security check and receive transit tax refunds, and then take the airport rapid transit system to directly enter Terminal 1 of Hong Kong Airport for departure.

The whole process makes air-sea transport and seamless transition possible, making the journey more convenient for passengers.

Currently, 57 airlines are participating in Shenzhen Airport Terminal's air-sea transport service, among which 15 airlines can check in at the terminal, and 33 airlines can handle direct baggage check-in procedures at the terminal. Participating airlines will be continuously updated.

How does it work specifically?

From Shenzhen Airport Terminal to Hong Kong Airport

      Step One: Buy a ferry ticket through the "Shenzhen Airport Terminal" WeChat Official Account

Enter "Shenzhen Airport Terminal" Official Account, follow the above steps to grab the tickets. (Image source: Shenzhen Airport Terminal Official Account)

      Step Two: Passengers should arrive at Gate 1, Terminal Building, Shenzhen Airport Ferry Terminal 60 minutes before departure time. Then proceed to Ticketing and Check-In Counters 5-9 for ticket confirmation. Some airlines require advance check-in at the Shenzhen Airport Terminal.

For airlines that can handle check-in, passengers will be able to check in their boarding passes and tax refund coupons at the Shenzhen Airport Terminal, and their baggage will be checked in directly to their destinations.

For airlines that do not offer check-in, passengers will need to register their details at the Shenzhen Airport terminal.

      Step Three: Take a 50-minute ferry ride to Hong Kong Airport (SkyPier).

Take a 50-minute ferry ride to Hong Kong Airport (SkyPier). (Image source: WeChat Official Account)

Passengers who have not checked in at Shenzhen Airport will need to check in at the corresponding airline counters at the SkyPier after disembarkation.

      Step Four: After passing the security check, go to the tax refund counter with the tax refund coupon to receive 120 Hong Kong dollars in cash.

      Step Five: Take the passenger rapid transit system to Hong Kong Airport Terminal 1 for departure.

From Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen Airport Terminal

      Step One: Upon arrival at Hong Kong Airport, purchase tickets at WeChat Official Account "Shenzhen Airport Terminal". Follow the signage "Mainland/Macao Express Ferry Ticketing Office" to the CKS counter at the E2 transfer desk on the 5th floor Arrivals level.

After disembarking at Hong Kong Airport, enter the "Shenzhen Airport Terminal" WeChat Official Account, select from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen Airport, and follow the steps to grab a ferry ticket. (Image source: WeChat Official Account)

      Step Two: Confirm the ferry ticket at the "To Mainland/Macao Fast Ferry Ticket Office" counter located at E2 transit and show the luggage tag (no need to go through Hong Kong immigration and customs procedures).

      Step Three: Take the passenger rapid transit system to SkyPier for boarding.

      Step Four: Take the ferry to Shenzhen Airport Terminal.

Check-in 60 minutes in advance

There are two points to note.

If you depart from Shenzhen Airport Terminal, please proceed to the manned ticketing counter at Shenzhen Airport Terminal to redeem the official paper tickets 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Ticketing closes 60 minutes before scheduled departure. Check-in and baggage check-in services will be stopped 45 minutes before scheduled departure, and ticket inspection will be stopped 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

If you depart from Hong Kong Airport with checked baggage, please arrive at the ticketing counter of "Mainland/Macao Express" at E2 transfer desk at the Hong Kong airport at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time to complete the ticket redemption and transfer procedures.

If there is no checked baggage, please arrive at the ticketing counter of "Mainland/Macao Express" at E2 transfer desk at the Hong Kong airport at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to complete the ticket redemption procedure. Ticket checking will stop 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

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